What's She Doing in Israel?

What am I doing in  יִשְׂרָאֵל?

I’ll be backpacking across the Land of Israel (or אֶרֶץ יִשְׂרָאֵל ʼÉretz Yiśrāʼēl) as well as the Palestinian Territories and the neighbouring country of Jordan for a month and then volunteering for another with an Israeli organization called Go Eco in the Middle Eastern summer. I’ll be based in Northern Israel – in the Galilee region – and living in a Druze village! (Yes, of all places. I am so excited to get to know this minority group of people. I have heard the Druze is renowned for their hospitality and their delicious Druze cuisine.) 

I’ll be surrounded by people who speak both Hebrew and Arabic, and I’ll be teaching English as well as planning some music workshops for the local children. I think it’ll be an experience of a lifetime! I can't wait to interact with the local people and get to know the other volunteers in the region.

I’m so glad that I’m getting the opportunity to see this other side of the diverse land of Israel – far from the vibrant, noisy city of Tel Aviv and the hectic, eclectic atmosphere of Jerusalem. It will be fascinating to live among people who have always lived in their own close-knitted community up in the hills of the Galilee region, to breathe the mountain air, to get used to the slower pace of life, to befriend a people who have a culture and tradition totally different from mine. 

I thank God so much for this one-of-a-kind opportunity. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that God would answer my little prayers in such an extraordinary way. I hope that this trip will only be the beginning of many more as I hopefully make different connections and meet people who share the same values in life!

Stay tuned for more stories on my adventures in Northern Israel while living with a local Israeli-Arab-Druze family!

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