Waking Up to War

by - 1:24 AM

I actually felt physically sick today when I got up and watched the news. To wake up in a region at war, to see the mounting death toll of both soldiers and civilians, and to realize how close it is to you.

To know that right this moment people are being robbed of their destinies.

To realize there's no definite black and white in this world. That people get caught in the crossfire at no fault of their own.

To feel this horrible, crushing sadness engulf your spirit.

To ask yourself questions you never had to ask yourself before because life was always less complicated on the other side of the world.

I feel like I 'so happen' to be in Israel at such a time as this for a reason. God knows why I'm here. I'm learning and I'm being challenged to think beyond what I think I know. I know this is why I wanted to  travel in this region in the first place.

Please keep the Israeli and Palestinian people in your thoughts and prayers!

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