Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial

Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, Mount Herzl, Jerusalem

There are no words to describe the emotions that one feels at the sight of the old photographs, the old books, clothes, suitcases, journals, letters, hair-locks, shoes and trinkets, many half-burned, that once belonged to the victims of the Holocaust. All the things in this place silently scream the loss and suffering of their owners from days begone. 

People need to know the struggle and the loss of the Jewish people. 

People need to know the plight and the loss of the Palestinian people. 

People need to know that injustice, oppression and all manner of evil thrives where ignorance, complacency and godlessness abounds. 

People need to wake up to the truth that the cycle of bloodshed will never end as long as we harbour hatred and bitterness in our hearts. As long as we are engrossed in merely fighting an external war but make the dire mistake of ignoring the fact that internally, the very devil himself is breaking through our fallen spiritual defenses. 

People need to know that a spiritual struggle exists. The devil's ploy is to make us think that this fight is only about the battles fought in the physical world. But look where this is leading us - self-destruction. When we destroy a life God breathed into, we destroy a part of ourselves and our families. In the end, we destroy ourselves. 

People need to know that Hope exists for every desperate heart that realizes it is desperately sick and in need of healing - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically. 

And this revolution of hearts and souls will begin with solitary prayers, made by individual persons from different tribes, tongues and cultures, who are all coming to the very same realization that there is no hope, no change, no peace, no redemption, no solution, no salvation, apart from the One who 'placed Eternity in our hearts'.

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