10 Days To Go

by - 2:24 AM

After so much that's been happening, it's suddenly come down to 10 DAYS TILL I GET ON THAT PLANE!!! In the past three years and especially the last few months, I've connected - by the coolest of 'coincidences' - with both Africans and Australians whom I'll be meeting over there. I'm mind-blown by the simple fact that I know that none of them have come into my life at this time by chance at all.
I didn't go looking for them, although I was always seeking God for His direction every step of the way. But you know, these 'random' people, they came at the right time. And they're exactly the kind of people I've asked God to cross my paths with for this next adventure! I can flip through my journal and find the prayers I've written over the last years and months. It's just becoming this inexplicably brain-bending reality.
I write this because I want others to know that whatever crazy plans you have, don't be afraid to surrender them to God. When you do, He'll make a way that you couldn't see before with human eyes. It may be a road of challenges, but it is also the only road that makes sense in a world gone mad.

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