Finished My Bachelor of Music!

Woooo thank God! I did it. I dragged myself back from Israel and finished the last three months of my music degree! And I won't even be here for graduation. Laughs. But it's okay. Two years ago I wrote a prayer in my journal, asking God to open the doors for me to be in Africa by the time I finish university. It seemed so far away.

Now I can't believe that this once impossible thing is happening so soon! I am so incredibly thankful for the last three defining years of my life; the things I've learnt, the wrong turns that led me back on track with deeper conviction, my parents' unfailing guidance and love, and not to mention, the insane spectrum of people I've met along the way.

I truly believe, by the grace of God, that the crazier part of my journey is just beginning!


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The Difference

Wayfarers walk by faith and dream with eyes wide open. Living simply, they go places, break barriers, embrace people, and build bridges. They're cool if things go wrong; it's the journey that counts. They like being on their own, but love the company of like-minded people anytime! Wayfarers love to hang with the locals, make music in unusual places, and share stories. They're creative about ways to touch the world both on the home turf and on the road. Wayfarers are on the life-long odyssey of discovery with hearts anchored in Faith, Hope and Love.


The Wayfarer

The Wayfarer
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Hello, I'm Janielle. I’m a muso based in Melbourne. Join me on my quest to embrace people of peace in tough places, inspire creative education where none exists, spark spiritual conversations that challenge the status quo, and collaborate with like-minded young people to catalyze a mission of reconciliation through acts of justice, truth and compassion among the young & free. Being a nomad at heart, I find ‘home’ when I stay with people on the ground, encounter the culture & discover what life's like for others.

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