When Little Children Give :)

by - 2:56 AM

Mindblown. Today I was in the outskirts of a slum township visiting families and playing with the children. One of the girls comes to me and speaks English quite well for a ten year old girl brought up in such austere conditions. Anyway, she asks me, 'Sistah, can I go get my Bhaibera (Bible)? I want give you!' My jaw dropped at her generosity. I was awestruck. She ran off and soon came back with a Shona booklet that was certainly not a full Bible. But it contained Bible stories in Shona. She offered to read to me her favorite one of Jonah! I was mindblown. She wanted to give this, her only form of a Bible, to me!? I could cry. 

God have mercy on us, who have so much, but hold on so tightly compared to these ones who give so freely out of their most precious of possessions. 


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