Meet Prince Shabani :)

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Meet Prince Shabani :) I was sitting at a crowded cafe in downtown Kigali when he joined me at my table. We chatted and soon discovered that we're the same age and share a passion for God and music! Turns out he's a worship leader at Restoration Church in Kigali and he knows he has a calling to reach young people through the arts. I couldn't believe my ears. I'd been praying God would lead me to people exactly like this in Rwanda! 

And what's even cooler, when I said I'm here to visit a girl I sponsor through Compassion International, Prince revealed that he was a sponsor child with Compassion for 12 years when he lived in rural Gisenyi!!! He shared how it changed his family's life and helped him discover God's purpose for him. I was so inspired. We both know these 'chance' encounters are no coincidences at all when you've surrendered your life to God. It was such an encouragement to share our faith journeys. To know we're not alone. I'm mindblown at how God is leading me to people who are totally different to me and yet so alike in the stuff that matter. It's also perfect timing because I wanted to go to Gisenyi next week, so Prince called his best friend in Gisenyi and told him I'm coming so he can take me round. SO COOL!

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