Shekinah Drama Team | Gisenyi, Rwanda

by - 5:09 AM

I thought I'd just be backpacking Rwanda, but looks like God has other plans for me. How did I end up in a church in Rubavu, surrounded by a bunch of young Rwandan dancers and singers known as the Shekinah Drama team?

How did I end up sitting here, listening to their stories and sharing from the Bible while someone translated my message to Kinyarwanda?

How did we, from totally different worlds, end up playing and singing worship songs together in English, Kinyarwanda and Swahili at the same time? I don't quite know exactly how I end up in these places. I just know that I embarked on my journey asking God to lead me to young people who are also passionate about music and missions. I've asked God to take me to unknown places where I could reach out and encourage others with my music. And you know, beyond my wildest expectations, He has :)

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