Photostory: Spur Afrika | Kibera Slums

Spent the morning around Kibera with Spur Afrika's founder, Patrick Achola; the sponsor child manager, Nico; and the Australian director, Rosalie. They showed me two schools that they're working with in the slums. The conditions were very tough - 65 kids sitting elbow to elbow, sharing benches in a cramped room, 700 kids in a primary school that had only 8 toilets. I truly respect these guys for what they're trying to do, to equip and mentor children and youth who have lived all their lives knowing nothing else. It's an uphill battle when a deep-rooted poverty mentality can be so debilitating. Nevertheless, Spur Afrika is touching a generation of youth who are willing to take responsibility for their lives and who want to be a part of social change. With a practical God-centered idealist like Patrick and his capable team of young Kenyans, I pray and believe they'll go far.


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