A Bus Ride from Kigali to Kampala for a Surprise Mission!

by - 4:41 AM

Last Saturday funtimes taking an all-night 10 hour bus from Kigali to Kampala with my dear friends Prince, Luc and Frackson to continue my mission journey in Uganda. The border crossing was packed with people - it took us nearly 3 hours close to midnight to cross over! We were gonna surprise our brother Victory in Kampala who was only expecting my sole arrival at the bus park. The surprise was a glorious success because he didn't have a clue that these other guys were coming along! The joy was so real when we prayed together & thanked God for bringing us comrades all together again just like it was last year, this time with the inclusion of my missionary friend Frackson from Zimbabwe. I truly love these God-sent friends with whom I pray, share, travel and reach ordinary people in tough places with the faith, hope & love of the Gospel. It's the best adventure anyone could be on.

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