The Sound of Freedom

by - 9:59 PM

You hear a rustle in the wind
You’re not quite sure just what it means
They say it’s nothing new
You won’t try listening, will you?

You see a ripple in the sea
You’re not quite sure just what it is
They say it’s nothing new
You won’t try figuring, will you?

Oh I dream about where I’m heading
Right now I’m sailing in the wind
Oh the stormy clouds are crying
Cold tears, dark swirls and lightning

Oh the wind never stops it’s singing
The ocean ceases not its sighing (ay yay yay)
Oh lift your gaze, as its calling
It sounds like nothing else

Hear, the sound of freedom
It’s telling me the Day is almost here
See, the colours of freedom
It’s heaven in our very atmosphere

Na na na na na na da da da da da dum

Don’t you hear it now?
Don’t you see it right here?
Hear the sound

Songs of Peace in a City of War | Janielle Beh
[Cover Photo: Afghanistan National institute of Music, Bitlanders] 

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