About Janielle

Living in the Old Village of Peqi'in in Galilee, Northern Israel, 2014. 

Hello fellow adventurer, a hearty welcome to my reminiscences on life, faith, mission travel, and culture!

My name is Janielle, and I'm a 23-year old wayfarer at heart. I like the way that Urban Dictionary happens to define my name: Janielle is "a very unique person who isn't afraid to try new things". (Thank the anonymous quirk out there who came up with that!)

My dad always told me, 'It's not what you do, it's why you do what you do.' Thanks to his musings, I often ask myself why I do the things I do, and travel is no exception. As I searched my heart for a deeper answer to this whole wanderlust affair, I knew that I wanted to do so much more than just travel! 

Since 2014, I’ve become more aware of God’s global mission to touch all nations and all peoples, bringing justice, truth, and hope to lost sons and daughters everywhere. I began to drop every distraction and seek desperately for God to show me how He wanted me to be part of this crazy vision of reconciliation and destiny in my generation. Over many days of waiting, praying and taking small steps of faith on my home turf in Melbourne, I began to put the puzzle pieces together from my own life and realized God was calling me and many others to step out into the fray – to touch people in tough places with music and the sheer embrace of Love. It's sounds simple, but in the process, so much can happen. I knew God was whispering to me, 'My dear, just remember you have a purpose to fulfill whether you're at home or out there in the world.' He reminds me every single waking moment that He won't leave me in the dark. The incredible mind-blowing promise is that He'll lead you and I as we take courage to do our part, count the cost, and live by faith one step at a time. This little whisper has transformed my attitude toward how I want to live my life and is giving me the guts to step out where I need to go, and to remain where I need to stay for a season.

Here I am, simply writing to testify of the fact that impossible things have and are happening, not because of how capable I am, but because of what God has started from the beginning of time! I hope my writings inspire others to embark on a journey that takes on not only exciting new adventures, but also an exhilarating spiritual dimension that leads to a discovery of what you and I were made for and ultimately, the transformation and redemption of our world.

As a self-employed muso and piano teacher, my desire is to use my passion for cross-cultural collaboration, backpacker-style missions, music education and therapy, writing, photography and simply building relationships with people across cultures, to spread ripples and soundwaves of Hope everywhere I go. For the next few years, my heart is set on heading to tough places and following God's whisper to the regions of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Playing my ukelele at sunrise in the golden sands of Wadi Rum desert, Jordan.

Looking Back and Charging Forward

Since 2012, I began volunteering with an Australian-based music organization called The Song Room, where I pioneered a piano music club for Sudanese refugee children at a disadvantaged school in eclectic Melbourne. From there on, God led me to build relationships with the Sudanese-Australian community and serve in a pioneering Sudanese youth church in the multi-cultural city of Dandenong while completing my Bachelor of Music at the University of Melbourne. This opportunity continues to both challenge my faith and transform my worldview as I endeavor to use music to connect, equip, and empower young people of diverse cultures. Along the way, I've also embarked on various music and mission travel adventures to Israel, Jordan, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda since January 2014! It's pretty overwhelming to say the least. In 2015, after my return from my first Africa trip, I did a year intensive at Harvest Bible College and completed my Graduate Diploma of Theology before I went off on my second Africa mission odyssey in the same year!

I love meeting local heroes on the ground! Wadi Rum desert village, Jordan, July 2014. 

After much thought and prayer, I decided I needed to act on what I felt God was moving me to do. Using my own savings from piano teaching, I bought plane tickets for Rwanda so I could return more intentionally this time to equip a Rwandan musician friend who had plans to start a music project among street youth. I figured it's either I go and discover what's next on the horizon, or I stay in Australia and never find out. I've always been convicted that taking the leap of faith to go is the better (although not always safer) option! Some crazy things happened while I was in Rwanda and Uganda this second time: I had no doubt that God was the one paving the way in tough places and sending me new friends in places I'd never been to before.

The future is uncertain, but I will trust in God's promises to me and what I believe He's called me to do. I can't always explain it fully in a way that others will understand, because it will often sound outright ridiculous and foolish (like maybe trying to start a music school and vocational center in one of the world's most volatile and dangerous war-ravaged countries?!). But with hope in my backpack and love written on my heart, I will charge on as He leads.

Playing my ukelele, singing and dancing to songs of priase with an exuberant crowd of boisterous young people and children at a village church Budibaga in Uganda, December 2015. 


Welcome to my wayfaring world of stories. My name is Janielle and I’m a traveling musician and music educator based in Melbourne. Join me on my quest to embrace people of peace in tough places, inspire creative education where none exists, spark spiritual conversations that challenge the status quo, and collaborate with like-minded young people to catalyze a mission of peacemaking through acts of compassion and creativity among the young and free. As a nomad at heart, my ‘home’ is wherever I journey with people on the ground and discover life on the frontiers.