Here are some amazing international and Australian organizations I've encountered in the past, some I've volunteered with and others I am a supporter of. If you're interested to find out more about my experiences so you can get involved too, feel free to shoot me a message!

The Song Room

The Song Room is a national not-for-profit organisation that brightens the futures of Australia’s most disadvantaged children with tailored, high-quality music and arts programs, delivered in partnership with schools across the country.

I was involved with starting the first ever piano lunch-time program at a disadvantaged school with a diverse range of students from various cultural backgrounds for a year. It was one of the best things I've done, and it has definitely set me on the path to use my passion and skills in music to empower others!

Melbourne Youth Initiative

MY Initiative Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that provides specialised services to youth and children with special needs and who engage in behaviour of concern. MY Initiative runs fun activity-oriented camps with one-on-one volunteer and carer support for children with disabilities.

Caring for a child with special needs one-on-one was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I've had! I'll always treasure the invaluable lessons I learnt and the exceptional like-hearted volunteers I met at the week-long camp.

Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL) program 

The SAIL (Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning) Program is a volunteer-run, non-profit organisation which provides free English support and community services to the Sudanese Australian community.

Lord Somers and Powerhouse camps
LSC&PH is a volunteer-led community united in serving others. They consist of a vibrant and diverse range of people from different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and locations; who work together to deliver programs and activities that benefit the community. 

I've been involved in LSC&PH camps for the young people of Casey, which comprised a majority of vibrant young people from Afghan and Sudanese refugee backgrounds. These camps are super awesome and fun times - it's always great to meet people from diverse backgrounds, learn from each other as well as connect with like-minded fellow volunteers! Priceless.
GoEco has established dozens of ecological and humanitarian programs in cooperation with organizations both in the Arab and Jewish sectors of Israel. Their target audience is the ecologically concerned and adventurous traveller who wants to explore a region first-hand and to get to know the local people, customs and eco-system through a vetted and organized volunteer program.
CHI is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1980 by Tom and Lilka Areton to promote international understanding and goodwill through people-to-people exchanges. CHI believes that the best way to build bridges of friendship and trust among people is to experience directly each others' customs, languages and values. CHI aspires to share the benefits of cultural interchange with the many nations of the earth in the deeply held conviction that such exchanges ultimately contribute to a more prosperous and peaceful world.
Express Media provides support and development opportunities for young people in writing and media.

I am part of the Global Express Media team which is an artistic program that aims to develop creative skills and build capacity among young people through workshops with local and international writers and artists. Our current project is to put together an Express Media publication for Voiceworks. 
For one season, I was involved in starting and hosting a new radio show called Intersection with a diverse bunch of young people from different cultures and beliefs. On a weekly two-hour show, we talked about various topics and issues surrounding faith, culture and youth identity. SYN is an awesome place to get equipped and empowered in radio and broadcast, and the best thing about it is the fact that everyone there is below 25!
The 3CR radio station was established in 1976 to provide a voice for those denied access to the mass media, particularly the working class, women, Indigenous people and the many community groups and community issues discriminated against in and by the mass media. In 2013, I got involved in their first-ever Girls Radio Club training, and got the chance to get on live radio to run a show that we formed called Untold No More. It was an amazing opportunity to connect with young women of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds as well as to use the platform that 3CR has given us to speak up about things that matter to us and issues that affect us as young women of colour in contemporary Australian society. 

A unique organisation, MAV promotes cultural diversity in the arts, proudly representing artists and communities from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The organisation inspires the community through programs of artistic excellence, innovation and creativity. My band has been involved in MAV's yearly Emerge Festivals in both the city of Melbourne and Shepparton, and it is always an amazing event of cultural diversity, great music, art and the most incredible people!

Creative Rebellion Youth - founded by Abraham Nouk (aka Abe Ape) a spoken-word artist and writer who has recently written a book called Humble - is a made of a bunch of young people who are passionate about art, music and poetry. But they are even more passionate about sharing it and giving others the opportunity to do the same.

HOPE for AIDS is an International family of more than 40 projects spanning 12 countries in Africa and India. HOPE for AIDS engages and supports local partners in an effective, holistic and compassionate response to HIV and AIDS that transforms individuals, families and communities through Christ's love.

Spur Afrika | Kenya
Spur Afrika started as a response to meeting basic needs of children who were living within Kibera slums.  The co-founders, Patrick and Susan made a common observation that children would go without eating several meals; however they still managed smiles on their faces.  They started collecting food however the need to help kept on growing. Subsequently they decided to start a more structured and long term solution to the problems and therefore Spur Afrika was born. Currently Spur Afrika has formed relationships with existing health and educational institutions to help co-ordinate programs and to support their ongoing needs.  Their focus is to strengthen and supplement existing organizations so they can achieve their full potential.


Welcome to my wayfaring world of stories. I’m a traveling musician and music educator from Melbourne living in Kabul, Afghanistan. Join me on my quest to embrace people of peace in tough places, inspire creative education where none exists, spark conversations that challenge the status quo, and collaborate with like-minded young people to catalyze a movement of peacemaking through acts of compassion and creativity among the young and free. As a nomad at heart, my ‘home’ is wherever I journey with people on the ground and discover life on the frontiers.