Life in Thailand

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One of the reasons I love traveling is this. I get to observe and immerse myself in a culture that is different from the one I already know. I don't travel just for the sights or the food or the shopping. (The shopping scene in Thailand is so overwhelmingly eclectic that I had to bid my shopping-crazed sisters good-bye and venture off on my own to explore the more ordinary side of the city where the local people eat, work and live.) It is absolutely fascinating for me to just stand by a street corner and observe everything that's going on and every person that passes by. There is so much going on in Thailand that it is a wonder if one does not feel overwhelmed by the clamor of street hawkers, the noise of the ever-present traffic, the pungent smells of local Thai food (spicy, sour and sweet is the winning combination), the chatter of locals and tourists alike - all bombarding your senses at one go! 

Since I love wandering and exploring, as well as photography, cities like Bangkok are truly places where I can be out all day and not get bored of taking in the sights and sounds and smells. Thailand is a beautiful country, full of hospitable and wonderful people, but it is also a place where one must exercise caution and prudence. I was fortunate to be traveling with my family this time for the second time! (The first was a three and a half weeks beach holiday and scuba diving trip in Phuket while accompanying my Dad on his diving instructorship course!) But I am definitely planning to make it back to Thailand in the near future, hopefully to explore the northern parts like Chiang Mai and Koh Chang. Thailand - an unforgettable place!

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