Reflections on the Rooftop

by - 2:41 PM

A beautiful, beautiful sight of the full moon rising over the village homes, from my rooftop! I love coming up here to read, to get some peace and quiet from all the endless visiting and talking to people - and to just reflect on everything..

I'm truly thankful for the moments of silence, away from people, away from the bustle of the village life.

I've been learning so much about people, about the Druze culture, about living in a small place where everybody knows everybody. Sometimes that's a good thing, but other times I can really see how that could also be a bad thing. People have little space for their private lives, and private thoughts. The Druze religion, for religious Druze families, is the dominating factor in their lives. It affects the way they dress, communicate with others and the world, and the way they live.

But at the same time, I've also had the privilege of meeting individuals - both young and old - who do not wish to conform to the confines of mere religiosity and piety. I have had some interesting conversations so far with people who have been seeking for something more. They have been seeking the truth.

I believe God always connects me with people who are seekers and searchers. They are kindred souls to me. If I came all the way here, 20 hours on the plane from Australia, and another few hours by bus and car to this specifically remote village, just to have these meaningful conversations with people who have rarely had encounters with foreigners like me, it is worth it. It is worth everything. And I believe I am here for a reason.

I think everywhere I go, I also seem to bump into people who know somewhere deep down that live has so much more in store for them. They are seeking the Light in their darkness. And maybe through our conversations, we can come to some sort of conclusion - or at least a signpost specific to them that will show them the way toward the next step in their spiritual journey.

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