Laughter in Difficult Places

by - 4:11 AM

Just a quick story of the funniest moment today while helping out with the street children initiative:

The street boys were told to come in to wash the dishes they used from the lunch we gave them as a way to teach discipline - but they ended up leaving muddy footprints all over! So I offered to help my friend Mercy to clean, but all she gave me was one of those short African broomsticks. I don't know what you call them because you'd never find such things in Australia!

So anyway, I started sweeping out the dirt with that, and Mercy was on her knees scrubbing the floors with a wet rag and a bucket of water. I couldn't help but wonder how much easier and quicker it would be - if only we had a mop, a broom and dustpan, and better yet, a vacuum! Anyhow, halfway through cleaning, one of the guys who helps with the project walks in and says with a cheeky smile: 'Man, you look like you been using that broomstick all your life! You'd make the best non-African daughter in law I tell ya!'

And we both cracked up laughing. :') It was such a genuinely funny moment. I thank God for laughter and happiness even in the tough places. I truly, truly do.

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