Mama Preacher :)

by - 8:25 PM

This is Preacher Chidende (that's her real first name, I kid you not). A most remarkable lady! We struck up a convo while I was out on the verandah journalling & reading my Bible (she works for the hostel). Mama Preacher told me that ever since she was little, she loved singing & reaching out to people while sharing God's word with them through songs. I was intrigued! She taught me some beautiful Shona songs with my uke & wrote the words in my journal. I encouraged her to keep doing what she does & she shared with me her struggles to provide for her children and an orphaned nephew. We agreed to meet the next morning to worship God & pray together Sometimes I think, I do not deserve such unexpected blessings! But they're so precious in my faith journey, & I thank God for leading me to such beautiful people :)

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