My Congolese-Rwandan Family! :)

by - 6:12 PM

So immensely blessed to stay with a Congolese-Rwandan family while I'm in Gisenyi! Their home is literally the last house to the DRC border wall. The border officials camp right outside their house. I can see Congolese children playing in the streets less than a hundred metres away on the other side! Often their Congolese neighbors would cross over to fetch clean water. Luc and his family were so kind to me. It was so great to hear that his mom started a foundation called HOPE to support orphans and widows in Goma, DRC. They encouraged me so much in my faith! Everywhere I go I feel so loved by perfect strangers. And the incredible thing is it comes as no surprise even though we may speak different tongues - we serve the same God!

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