Photostory: Best Jam of My Life So Far!

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After church in Kantafu, I got a few of the guys together and we wanted to finish a song they wrote in my music workshop. We ended up singing, rapping and writing several worship songs in English and Swahili! One of the kids Perez started drumming on his wooden desk with a ruler and a water jug. The others danced around us and body clapped along. It was so spontaneous and heartfelt. We went on for over two hours until someone had to chase us out to have lunch! In moments like this, my heart is so full - I know there's a reason I landed up here even though I never planned to meet these kids. After that one of the boys, Moses Evans, told me that they'll be praying for me to come back and do more, because in this short time I've imparted something new to them and helped them discover that they can be creative like that. And they want this in their schools. I told him, "You know what, there's no coincidence I met you guys - my prayer resonates with yours!" :)

I belong where hearts are hungry for life, creativity, and God, the Giver of all these and more. I count it such an honor to meet these beautiful creative souls, young people who know they have a destiny and are in pursuit of God! You see it in their eyes, their attitude, their actions, their words, and the songs that come when you inspire them to let go and sing. I must tell you their names: Idah, Evelyn (the rapper), Abby, John Alex (the poet), Harmony, Faith, Joy, Akadelly, Perez (the desk drummer), Moses Evans (the spoken-word genius), Mordecai (the songwriter), Debbie (the singer), Mary, Gideon, Mark, Allegiance, Ariana and Precious.


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