The Watchful Witnesses

by - 6:11 PM

The mountains stand resolutely by, and watch
They move not; they are strong
Marauders have invaded its strong towers
Carved its caves, cracks and crevices
Liars have terrorized its valleys
With whispers echoing deception
But the mountains do not lie
They are watchful witnesses
A day will come when they shall not remain silent nor still
They shall shake the land and quake
With raging anger
They shall heave in protest and wail
In righteous insistence
Those invaders will not fail to scream and cower
Its mighty pillars, its majestic spires
Reaching into the moonless sky
Its fearsome shadows, reflecting light
Deflecting darkness
The mountains once clothed in holiness
Now seen for its wretchedness
They were once a refuge,
Once a fortress,
Once a prison,
One day, it shall be
Shall it be,
Once more –
A haven. 

Songs of Peace in a City of War | Janielle Beh

[Cover Photo: 'The Mountain Beyond This Mountain'. Photo by Janielle Beh.]

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