Kabul Nights

by - 2:22 PM

Kabul nights.
You mesmerize me.
Your skies stun the world with strokes of heaven's palette.
Your jagged peaks stand resolute.
Your war-making grieves the very earth beneath.
But you remain an unpolished jewel.
Invaded. Trampled. Revered. Feared. Conquered. Beloved.
Yet you are defiant.
Kabul jan (Dari for 'dear'),
The God you do not yet fully know will vindicate you in the end,
And teach you to love again.

Project Awal: Songs of Peace in a City of War | Janielle Beh
[Cover Photo: Midsummer's night on a rooftop in Kōtal-e Khaīr Khānah, Kabul. Photo by Janielle Beh.]

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