Where Adventure Begins

by - 8:45 PM

Where does adventure begin? The home turf. Although I have been and I am going to places unimaginably far away, it has always been clear to me that the adventure and the work starts on my home turf.

Adventure began from the good old days I voraciously read all my favorite Enid Blyton's Famous Five and Nancy Drew adventure novels and mysteries. Adventure began from the exciting days when my dad would take me 'exploring' in our neighborhood and backyard jungles and hilltops. Adventure began the times my dad led us to climb up into the attic and onto our roof. Adventure began in little seeds of daring and faith sown through our family holiday and camping escapades. But all these visceral, external experiences aside, let me just say: adventure begins in you. It starts on your home turf, in your family, in your heart.

I don't have to go thousands of miles away to do something different or to make an impact. Although, what's to stop me from doing that since its my passion? But my point remains, no matter how far you want to go, it always HAS to begin where you are first.

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