A Week in the Glorious Blue Mountains!

by - 2:21 PM

Wow. I have been spending nearly a week up in the quiet mountain town of Katoomba where the quiet majesty of the Blue Mountains never fails to take a hold of something within me every time I hike in its deep valleys and behold its mountainous glories. I thank God for this amazing, amazing time of peace and solitude up here. I am truly savoring every moment: the tranquillity of the mornings waking up at sunrise and having a simple breakfast of hot chocolate and toast with Nutella and a topping of fresh banana slices! (A bit indulgent for breakfast, I know. But ah what the heck, I’m on holiday aren’t I?)

And not to forget, the unforgettably quiet walks to the Blue Mountains, hiking through the dense valley and up the winding trails surrounded by thick forestry, passing by breathtaking waterfalls and cascades, taking in the sight of Jurassic Park-like panoramas with jagged cliff sides and towering rocks with the distant blue-hued mountains beyond!

Sending all my love,

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