Frenchman’s Bay

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ing is, I think I have felt more alone when I am in the busy cities (swarming with locals and backpackers and tourists) than when I am out here all alone. Stradbroke Island is still amazing me day by day that I wake up to this gorgeously isolated place. I love it. I feel like it’s my kind of place. I could honestly stay here for another week or more on my own and be completely fine with it.

Today was a truly long exhausting yet glorious day out – from sunrise to sunset. I hiked along the coast, basked in the sunshine on lonely stretches of beach and rock pools, and got past Frenchman’s Bay right up to the North Gorge where you could see dolphins and turtles just casually swimming up into the brilliantly turquoise-green cove of the North Gorge. It was unbelievably beautiful. This place is possibly one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to – untouched and unspoiled, unconquered and untainted by the real world. Or should I say, this is the real world.

The glorious North Gorge.
Lunching by the cliff-side in the sunshine - absolute bliss!
An adventurous fellow paddling in to the mouth of the Gorge!
There were these cute turtles swimming into the cove every now and then for a breath!

I cannot describe it all in words. It fails me. The photographs bring back the feelings of the memory, but they still fail to depict the spell-binding reality of the moment I stood on the edge of the cliff and soaked in the picturesque panorama. I felt so, so alive.

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