In Search of Adventure - and Koalas!

by - 5:24 PM

I set out this morning in search of adventure - what glorious freedom that is! To be able to go out and forget the time - not look at the clock or have to worry about what to do next... The views along Amity Point were absolutely gorgeous and beyond breath-taking! The sea was a different colour this morning, due to the morning clouds hovering ominously over the ocean. Thankfully the afternoon sun soon emerged and the clouds all cleared to magnificent blue skies that made the sea look like a painting in bright, vivid acrylic colours!

I just couldn't believe the sight of this. Lush grasses and two lone trees perched along the cliff-side overlooking a brilliantly blue seascape.
While hiking I spotted this cuddly fellow clinging on lazily to the tree! I stood there a good while admiring this wonderful creature.
God has a way of making me laugh even when there's nobody around to laugh with me! I could not stop laughing when I saw this chubby koala perched on the tree branch!!!!

What absolute joy it was today. Thank You God for every moment of quiet happiness, every laugh we shared - just the both of us. (I sound like a loony, but I mean it with all my heart. God's presence is so real when you're out there in His creation!) 

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