Lone Ranger: Hiking Mount Piddington!

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'I have Immortal longings in me,' wrote Shakespeare. It's true, as Solomon beautifully wrote in Ecclesiastes, 'He placed Eternity in our hearts.' When you're out here, far from the world's chaos, forgetting the contraints of time, you realize how far you've strayed from what was meant to be & how much more there is beyond life's transient misery. Faith, hope & love is the key.

 Had an amazing day out hiking Mount Piddington! It was close to the town of Blackheath in New South Wales. Absolutely stunning views and majestic rock cliffs. I was the only one on the trail for quite a long while! But I absolutely relished the quiet and tranquility. Just me and my thoughts...
At this point, I stopped by a cozy canyon-like nook, got out my tuna and corn sandwich, and settled in for some reading... I was interrupted out of my bliss when I heard some jolly singing a far off. Turns out there was someone else on the trail too! I was quite thankful I wasn't the only one. A jolly middle-aged man clambered down the rocky path and gave me an embarrassed nod at his loud singing. Aha, he must have thought he was the only lone ranger hiking Mount Piddington!

  It was an absolutely glorious day! So, so hot when you just stayed out without shade though. I had to ration my water supply. But it was fantastically breath-taking, and at times quite strangely quiet. I could only hear the light wind. Nothing else.


Sending all my love! More updates to come...

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