And I'm Off!

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It was a strange feeling hugging my dad and sisters goodbye this morning, knowing all that it would be my last time in the home we are currently still living in! When I get back, we'll be in a differentplace, and I'll return to a totally different room. 

But I can't believe that the day is finally here for me to go to Israel! I'm looking forward to the travel journey, as it is always a good time for me to ponder and reflect on things. 

Never in my life would I have imagined I could actually do what I set out to do and go where I determined to go. I thank God for leading me every step of the way, and to my parents, who encouraged me to take a risk and go someplace different. Israel's probably as exotic as it gets for someone like me, because of how diverse the land is and how varied it is in culture, history and people groups. I imagine it might be a place I'll want to come back to because the explorations are endless and will be different each time! 

I'm also so glad that I'm getting the chance to backpack and live the hostel life for a few weeks with my adventurous momma before I do something totally different and head off to volunteer in a Druze village! I always liked the idea of backpacking instead of taking tours (that cost a ton load of money for what I feel would be a limited experience due to time constraints and having to travel in a group). I like travel because I get to meet people on the ground level, hear their stories and understand their perspective on life. Travel isn't just about having a good time, it's about learning, reflection, planning, asking questions, making a difference. To do that, I guess you need to take your time and have a spirit of openness toward others. You can't be afraid of what people think, neither can you be insensitive toward people who have a different culture or lifestyle to yours. 

I believe life isn't just about going to school and getting a job and taking the one week holiday in between years. We would all learn so much more about ourselves and about the world if we took the risk and the opportunity to traverse places that are out of our way, to befriend people that most ordinary folk wouldn't bother getting to know. 

So yeah :) I'll be writing about my journey and my reflections on traversing the land of Israel. So stay tuned for photos and stories! 

Much love, 

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