Sunrise Over the Middle East

by - 3:49 PM

What a surreal feeling, to wake up to a glorious dawn breaking over the horizon, gradually illuminating the lands of the Middle East and its breathtaking panorama of an endlessly mountainous landscape. The absolutely perfect line of the horizon and the brilliant glow of orange ascending from beneath it is enough for me to choose faith in God again this morning. A strange feeling crept up on me… to behold such grandiose beauty, to see the peaks of rugged mountaintops rising through a dreamy, wispy blanket of morning mist and casting looming shadows of mammoth heights over the coastal sea - all with the knowledge that so much havoc and destruction has been and is being wreaked below where man makes his fleeting refuge.

After passing over the brilliant turquoise waters of the Red Sea and the rocky mountains surrounding Eilat, we are flying over the vast stretch of desert sand and endless dunes - the Negev. I cannot for the life of me belief that I am actually here! From praying about it, to planning and researching, to saving up what I could over the last three months, now by the grace of God I have actually made it! It's unreal. I think I'll be encountering many sights, sounds and ideas that I've never known before!

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