Dizengoff Street | Nahalat Binyamin & Betzalel Markets

by - 3:55 PM

Wandering along Allenby Street, King George Street and the infamous Dizengoff Street, we found the Nahalat Binyamin and Betzalel Arts and Crafts Markets!

There were stalls selling all sorts of lovely, pretty little things like intricate hand-made pendants, necklaces, wind-chimes, postcards, collector toys, paintings, ceramics and pottery, avant-garde Jewish candle stands, clay magnets, patterned cloth, puzzles, travel journals, hand-made kaleidoscopes and all sorts of beautiful art pieces. I absolutely loved it. So far, I haven’t really come across any other Asian-looking people – not even many English-speaking people. I think that’s why I see people, Israelis and Arabs alike who look at me twice or ask me where I am from when they pass me on the streets or at the beach. It’s quite funny! You definitely will not see a Malaysian backpacker around these parts!

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