Hayarkon Hostel | Jerusalem Beach

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The inner-city view of Tel Aviv from our hostel balcony! Pardon the smelly towel, I'm pretty sure it's one of my hostel mates

My awesome momma' is seriously such a good backpacking buddy. She hasn't quite complained about anything one bit, not even the messy quarters haha
We're staying at a sick-as place one block from the Mediterranean seascape and Jerusalem Beach! Really friendly folk, and we're in a room with a Russian chick (who works for the Olympics & is moving to Brazil in a few months) and a Finnish gal who's my age. Right beside the famed Allenby Street, it's really a hub of sounds and people all day, all night. I remember waking up at 3AM last night and there were still cars honking every now and then to show their annoyance at each other! It's so funny, my mom and I still have a good chuckle when we hear one of the honking rhapsodies taking place just outside our hostel (sometimes you hear horns that go for as long as 10 seconds, and other times it's just repetitious honking here and there). It must be an Israeli thing.

Hahaha, never did I think my mom would be able to live the backpacker's life! She usually can't stand messy quarters! Oh but who cares, we're backpacking now!

It'd definitely recommend this place, as I found it to be exceptionally clean, tidy and cozy! There's a pretty cool vibe to it, as most of the backpackers here are looking for the same things as I am in Israel. Also, they provide breakfast in the mornings! And it's not just the typical bread, jam and coffee, they also lay out baskets of zucchini, hard boiled eggs and capsicums so we can make salads. I love it (partly due to the fact that I hate having to go vegetable-hunting). So yeah, it's super convenient, and it's close to pretty much everything. If you walk out to the Jerusalem Beach promenade and go south, you'll arrive Jaffa port in no time (about two kilometres away). If you stroll up north, you'll find the Hayarkon River and Tel Aviv's Old Port. 

There's an endless amount of things and places to see. I'm absolutely reveling in it!

More photos on my photo album here.

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