Sea of Galilee | Tiberias

by - 4:34 AM

Watching dusk descend upon Galilee. It's amazing how the surrounding mountains change color from red to orange, to purple and deep blue.

I'm so thankful to be alive, but all the time, this heaviness descends upon me when I think about all the things that are happening. A friend asked me, 'How can you believe in God when you see all this?' I say I have no answer to your why questions, but I can say that the evil and suffering in this world only makes me believe in God even more. Because there's no other hope, there's no justice that man can create for himself.

The darkness you are focusing on is so great that the only way is to turn toward the light. And it might hurt your eyes at first. But this is why having faith requires you to open your heart, to ask YOURSELF the why question, to stop thinking merely about the external but to think about the external in light of the eternal.

When you do that, you realize that it's not about you. You realize that suffering is not the end. You realize that God is alive, when you choose to let Him in. You realize that joy is possible even in the darkest hour. You realize that freedom begins in the spirit, and freedom comes from receiving the Love we have been stubbornly refusing for far too long.

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