New Year's Eve | Chitungwiza

by - 8:37 PM

How did I end up in a foreign land, 12 of us huddled in the shadows of a tiny, dank room with only a flickering candle for light, playing music and worshipping God in Shona, with these beautiful ones I never thought I'd meet, in a high-density township I never imagined I'd walk in? As we sang and prayed together, I realized that the more incredulous the situation, the better. Because God wants us to move into the impossible, to go places we never thought we'd traverse, to touch people we never imagined we'd have the privilege of loving.

I'll never forget how I spent this New Year's in Zimbabwe. It's a glimpse of what is to come. I thank God so much for my friends Marc, Joy and Tino for taking me to this place on such a day. It was dangerous to drive around with the terrible road conditions & the rain, we saw several road accidents, but they wanted me to see this side of Zim too. With these God-sent fellow sojourners, I've made it this far. Bring on 2015! :)

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