To the Dream Weavers

by - 1:42 PM

Photograph taken in Wadi Rum desert, Jordan.
To the dream weavers:
Don't be afraid
Take that lonely road
Keep on moving
No back-up plan
But the one that's close
To your beating heart.

With your soul set free
Run with Me
Sing with Me
Wander past the edge
Eyes filled with wonder
Hold My hand
I'll keep ya steady, child. 


This generation is crying out 
For sons and daughters of God
Who will write songs to fill up
Mud huts and village schools
Crowded prisons and inner-city hoods
Refugee camps and detention centers 
Not the concert halls
Or big stadiums
Not for fame or money or popularity
But for Love, for Hope, for God
For Kingdom, for Country
For orphans and widows
For beggars and thieves
For the wealthy poor
And the materially poor
For those sitting in the
Gutters of poverty. 

Yea, this generation cries out. 
Will you heed the Call?

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