We Come Home to Go Out

by - 10:45 AM

We come Home to be reminded that there's a world out there we're called to go to. 

Ntawangaheza, my sponsor child and her family, gave me those gifts in January. I came back 7 months ago and placed them on my shelf. Every time I read or play my piano right below the shelf I'd often glance at the photos I put up of my family and missions - I'd feel so blessed to be given family, to be given this much. And then God would remind me of the people I've met who didn't have family or music or anything I've been so graciously given. And the countless others I'm yet to meet. So I know I can't just kick back in Australia without going out there again to give away what God has placed in my hands when the time comes. I'd play my piano and guitar or journal and read and ask God when I'd return to these tough places. 

Now I realize that these simple treasures did make a difference to my decisions over the past months - my choice to do something in my personal capacity no matter how small. Both in Melbourne and out there on another continent.

Now don't get me wrong, my 'tough place' is not just out there, but it's right here. It's with the people He's called me to serve here. It's the same for us all - begin where we are. Through this, my pride is becoming a crumbling fortress under the magnitude of God's love and grace. Truly. But I really believe that once we're willing to start where we are, God can take us really anywhere else in the world.

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