Choosing Love In the Crossfire

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It’s a dark day. Darkness encroaches at every turn. If darkness had its way, it would devour every living thing in its path. There are days when I sit on the carpet floor cupping hot tea in my hands and a wave of sadness passes through me, like dusty wind on a cloudy day. I feel as if the darkness is taking over the little light and fresh air that’s left in this place. But then God reminds me to stand up and fight – not with human weapons, but with the weapons of prayer and music that brings His love to a loveless place. 

Whenever I grab my ukulele and sing His songs, or when I cry out in simple words that make up a prayer of the spirit – I feel the fog and darkness clear. And again, my eyes are opened to see who the real enemy is! We are not called to be on the defensive against the darkness of evil; we are called to be on the offensive with the light we carry. Darkness cannot have its way when the Light-carriers are standing tall – bold warriors who hold the keys to Hope and Life.

But still, there are dark days to contend with.

What do you say when your student tells you that he can't bear to play music today because his friend's brother is the journalist who perished in the twin bombings in Barchi yesterday because he was one of the first to arrive on the scene to make a live report... The attack is an absolute evil. It targeted a sports center and then the second bomb targeted the first responders and journalists who arrived early at the scene. On this day I steel myself with the thought that we are playing music for our very lives; and the truth is that some days we simply cannot play, simply because we are so sad. Still, I know that tomorrow, we will play again – because these melodies are some of the only and smallest beauties in a place torn apart by war.

Reports of casualties in this unpredictable mine field are always surreal to digest when they are happening in the very city you live in. With the twin bombings that happened yesterday, there are those who died because they happened to be there and they were targeted for their ethnicity. And then there are those, like the brave journalist Samim Faramarz, who died because they chose to go there – specifically – knowing it was a scene of death and destruction and danger.

Bravery is a bright choice you make in the dark when fear and evil threatens to devour you and your world.

It usually amazes me how okay I am in the face of all this. It is the grace that God gives me in a tough environment. But it still pains me to see those I know who are affected because they’re being targeted. They are losing their lives for nothing –  the victims of someone else’s warped agenda and ideology, and nobody cares. 
I ask myself: Is there a way to fight back? Will more soldiers or weaponry help? Security? Aid? Could non-violent resistance work in such a place? Will music, education, art help at all in the long run? 
I know the answer. But I will not say it, I will live it out.
[Cover Photo by Janielle, 2018: Helicopters heading to or from war-zones in the country often fly over where I live. I took this photo recently when the sun was setting upon the mountains and the moon was slowly making its ascent.]

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