Time Has No Hold On Me

by - 8:36 PM

There are days that I feel like
I’m running out of time.
And so – I live.
With a great sense of urgency,
Yet without hurry.
And miraculously,
With overwhelming peace.
When you realize that time is short,
You don’t exist in ambiguity,
You live with clear intentions.
I can say simply that out of everything and everyone in my life,
God has given me the clearest intentions
In my foggiest moments.
He is my Wayfinder, my True North,
And I’m unashamed to say that without Him
I’d be hopelessly lost
And utterly dead to my soul.
So – I’m running out of time,
Because I am in this world.
But, time is a mere fraction of a journey that
Spans across galaxies
Into light years
And so – I’m running out of time;
But I shall live 
Has no
Hold on me.

Project Awal: Songs of Peace in a City of War | Janielle Beh

[Cover Photo: Standing by the Red Sea, Eilat, Israel. Photo taken by an Egyptian friend.]

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